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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sudan Photos

IMG_8409 - Darfur Camel HerderIMG_9444 - Sand forms at Begrawiya Pyramids (Meroe)IMG_8240 - guardian Soleb templeIMG_9189 -  Begrawiya Pyramids (or Meroe)IMG_9363 - Camel men Begrawiya Pyramids (Meroe)IMG_8899 - Pyramids Nuri
IMG_8402- Darfur Camel HerderIMG_8356 - church Sai IslandIMG_8568 - Pyramids KarimaIMG_8701 - portrait of girl KarimaIMG_9586 - Well at NagaIMG_9136 -  Begrawiya Pyramids (or Meroe)
IMG_8017 - Guardian KermaIMG_9806 - Taka Mountains KassalaIMG_8884 - Pyramids NuriIMG_8386 - Darfur Camel HerderIMG_8050 - SesibiIMG_9873 - Beja man in Taka Mountains
IMG_9225 -  Begrawiya Pyramids (or Meroe)IMG_9257 - camel men  Begrawiya Pyramids (or Meroe)IMG_9004 - Pyramid portraits NuriIMG_9795 - Beja man KassalaIMG_9409 - Begrawiya Pyramids (Meroe)IMG_8268 - Soleb Temple

Sudan 2012, a set on Flickr.

I recently had the very great pleasure of once again travelling around Sudan whilst updating the Sudan chapter of the Africa Lonely Planet guide.

Sudan suffers from a very bad rep, but I love the place. I'm not normally very interested in old ruins etc but in Sudan, where sand half buries temples and pyramids, they are just so romantic. Combine that with beautiful desert scenery, some of the friendliest people you can hope to meet and a fascinating ethnic jigsaw and you get what I consider to be one of the most rewarding countries in Africa - even in it's shrunk down form after the independence of the south.

Here is a small selection of photos taken on my most recent trip.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Best of Ethiopia

I have just written a piece for the Lonely Planet website on the Best of Ethiopia - now if only I had had the space to include some of the southern parks, Addis, Lake Tana and so on...
Here it is

Friday, 3 May 2013

New Books

There's new Lonely Planet books that I have co-authored falling out of the sky this week - France, Spain, Discover Spain, best trips France and Indonesia all out now! Buy them at