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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Yemen Updates

Why is Yemen being largelly ignored by western news agencies? Finally, Hilary Clinton has indicated in a roundabout kind of way that maybe they've been backing the wrong man. When peace does return to Yemen the people will surely remember how the west ignored them but gave non-stop coverage to the uprisings in Egypt, Tunisa and Libya.

Latest news from Sana'a isn't pretty. Al-Jazeera backed up by Yemeni journalists are reporting around 2000 tribespeople massing outside Sana'a in anticipation of a big attack. The BBC reports 100 and several hundred more reportedly arriving.

Sana'a airport has been closed and flights are diverted to Aden instead. Yemenis on the ground say that fighting is spreading out towards the airport.

Bloggers from Yemen report non-stop shelling in Sana'a, a heavy air raid taking place now over Zinjibar (the southern town reportedly taken over by al-Qaeda) and security forces firing on protesters again in Ta'iz. All entrance roads to Ta'iz have been sealed off presumably in an attempt to stop tribesmen entering that city to support protesters.

Will try and contact friends on the ground in Sana'a now and get an update if possible.

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