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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Central Africa (Republic Congo, DR Congo, Central African Republic) 2012

Western Lowland gorilla IMG_8591BaAka man with bow and arrow IMG_2277Net hunting with the BaAka IMG_9745Western lowland gorilla IMG_8620BaAka hunting IMG_9563Surfing in Congo IMG_7732
dugout canoe journey IMG_8860Forest elephant in bai IMG_9014Net Hunting with the BaAka IMG_9391BaAka man IMG_2471Net Hunt with the BaAka IMG_9782Village portraits IMG_2502
BaAka net hunting IMG_9507Village Portraits IMG_2530Net hunting with the BaAka IMG_9343Pygmy Hunters IMG_2112Surfing in Congo IMG_7694Hiking to Mondika IMG_8164
Pygmy HuntersBaAka portrait IMG_9982Pangolin caught by BaAka IMG_9870Surfing in Congo IMG_7661Net Hunting with the BaAka IMG_9373BaAka dance IMG_2341
I spent part of late 2012 in the Central African countries of Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic (although my trip through the eastern part of DRC was cut short though by the M23 invasion of Goma). I was there both for Lonely Planet researching the relevant chapters for the monster that is the Africa book and for a variety of magazines and websites. The Congo was a trip I had always wanted to make and it didn't let me down - gorillas and elephants, boat rides, surfing and hunting with the pygmies. An amazing experience. Enjoy the photos!

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